P90X3 – X3 Yoga

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P90X3 Yoga Routine

P90X3 Yoga Overview I wish there were more 30 minute yoga routines I could buy like P90X3 Yoga as I find this workout to be a fantastic part of P90X3. You’ll find this routine added to the schedule during the middle of the week, and it’s a perfect way to get your body back into form before hitting it hard the rest … Read More

P90X3 – Triometrics

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P90X3 Triometrics Reviewed

P90X3 Triometrics Overview P90X3 Triometrics is best if you want a solid leg workout without weights, this is the one for you. I think the first few times I did it I had a hard time going up the stairs for a few days, in a good way of course. A lot of these moves really target your quads and … Read More

P90X3 – Total Synergistics

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P90X3 Total Synergistics Reviewed

P90X3 Total Synergistics Overview P90X3 Total Synergistics is Another P90X3 16 exercise workout that hits your entire body, and each workout hits multiple parts of your body. I like that you go from a leg to a chinup bar, and right into a core. As soon as you are at a burnout from a chinup, you go right into an … Read More

P90X3 The Warrior Review

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P90X3 The Warrior Reviewed

P90X3 The Warrior Overview P90X3 The Warrior is one of those Tony Horton P90X3 workouts where you start out all happy because you remember it being a fun workout, or you look at the cast and think they look like they are ready to have fun, and somewhere in the middle as you are sweating and wondering what happened, you … Read More

P90X3 The Challenge Review

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P90X3 The Challenge Reviewed

P90X3 The Challenge Overview P90X3 The Challenge is my go to P90X3 workout when I’m tired of cardio, but really want to push myself. It’s a very simple workout in that you do multiple sets of 2 exercises performed twice, with a break in between each set. You pick a number for pushups, and one for pullups, and you try … Read More

P90X3 Pilates X Review

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P90X3 Pilates Reviewed

P90X3 Pilates X Overview Flexibility is key for me to prevent injury, and my wife has loved pilates for many years so I looked forward to this P90X3 Pilates X workout when I saw it as part of P90X3. The first time I tried it I was so caught up with the breathing I had a really hard and frustrating time … Read More

P90X3 MMX Review

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P90X3 MMX Reviewed

P90X3 MMX Overview This P90X3 MMX routine is all about Mixed Martial Arts and is the only MMA focused routine in P90X3, it involved a cast that looks like they’ve done this before, and will leave you gasping for air. It involves a lot of combo moves that revolve around fighting, so for those passive people you might not like … Read More

P90X3 Isometrix Review

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P90X3 Isometrix Reviewed

P90X3 Isometrix Overview This P90X3 Isometrix workout brings both the balance and coordination components from Yoga and puts them into a single workout that while has zero impact, will leave you sweating. How does this happen? I’m not sure, but I think Tony has some secret sauce that makes it happen.  This workout is found in the P90X3 recovery weeks, but … Read More

P90X3 Incinerator Review

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P90X3 Incinerator Reviewed

P90X3 Incinerator Overview This P90X3 Incinerator workout targets each muscle group with two different moves before moving on the next set.  You will be using a lot of dumbbells for this one. “Burning out a muscle is the whole point to the incinerator. You’re going to be doing a resistance exercise followed by a bodyweight exercise, both of the hitting … Read More

P90X3 Eccentric Upper

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P90X3 Eccentric Upper Reviewed

P90X3 Eccentric Upper Overview In the P90X3 Eccentric Upper workout each move is only ten reps! Except it’s not performed fast, so you really get a nice burn from this routine.  This is an upper body workout within the P90X3 schedule, and the slow movement really targets your muscles. “The lengthening of a muscle while under tension is much of … Read More