P90X3 – X3 Yoga Review and Moves

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P90X3 Yoga Routine

P90X3 Yoga Overview

I wish there were more 30 minute yoga routines I could buy like P90X3 Yoga as I find this workout to be a fantastic part of P90X3. You’ll find this routine added to the schedule during the middle of the week, and it’s a perfect way to get your body back into form before hitting it hard the rest of the week. I do feel my limbs elongating, relieving stress, and as Tony says, it is really hard. I never thought I would sweat so much, or even have this much of a difficult time holding the moves. This is my my first experience with Yoga, of which I can totally see myself getting more into Yoga down the road. I will use this workout in place of other workout routines stretch or recovery as well as it’s that amazing.

With this workout you will be moving through many different yoga poses, starting with different standing moves, balance, and ending with floor moves. You’ll hit your entire body and break a nice sweat (if you are like me).

“Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice and you are going to get the benefits in just 30 minutes. I love it, absolutely love it because it’s all about flexibility and strength, posture and endurance and balance and best of all, it reduces stress. But I gotta tell you, this is not an easy routine. In order to make it short, we had to make it tough. Combining short and tough, to bring you bliss.”
– Tony Horton


Enjoy this, do this, it’s a great workout never to be skipped.


  • Water
  • Towel
  • Mat

What I like

This is one of those workouts I look forward to each month, it is a de-stressor, it does help stretch out my body, and it’s a welcome repreive from the normal P90X3 workouts.

What might be hard about P90X3 Yoga

If you aren’t as flexible you will have a difficult time, but keep at it and modify when needed to get maximum benefit.

P90X3 Yoga Moves

Tony will describe all of these moves as well as how to move through them since this workout is very fluid. It’s hard to describe as with yoga you are not just doing a single move, you are moving through the moves.

Child’s Pose/Downward Dog/Forward Hang

Sun Salutation/Reverse Swan Dive



Warrior 1/2

Reverse Warrior

Bound Side Angle Pose


Warrior 3

Half Moon

Twisted Moon

Standing Splits

Wide Legs/Forward Fold


Twisted Triangle

Tree Pose

Extended Leg With Toe Bind

Ted’s Chair


Cat Dog

Bird Dog To Dog Dancer


Figure 4 Series




Cooldown and Stretch