P90X3 Triometrics Overview

P90X3 Triometrics is best if you want a solid leg workout without weights, this is the one for you. I think the first few times I did it I had a hard time going up the stairs for a few days, in a good way of course. A lot of these moves really target your quads and I had a hard time staying in these positions.

“P90X3 Triometrics is like Plyometrics with 3 levels of intensity, you go from Wow, to Yikes, plus you are doing explosive moves and a non explosive move, with enough recharge time in between so you can really really go for maximum force and speed. We are talking Boom!”
– Tony Horton

P90X3 Triometrics Advice

Ouch. Burning legs. I have always had a hard time getting to the third variation, and the times I do I find myself burning out for later in the workout. Make sure you are warmed up for this one, and don’t push yourself too hard that you have to stop later in the workout. I found my best workouts when I didn’t go to the third variation early on, but waited toward the end. I found this to be the way for me to get better at this workout.  Once I understood the moves, I really looked forward to P90X3 Triometrics.

P90X3 Triometrics Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90X3 Triometrics Pros

Absolutely amazing leg targeting workout. Great Cardio as well.

P90X3 Triometrics Cons

The first 5 times I did this workout I was not getting the most out of it, I blame myself as it is a great and fun workout, it was just hard for me. For me I like workouts I can feel successful in, and for whatever reason my quads always burn out and I’m not able to do much more once that happens. Once I found my trick, I enjoyed it a lot more.

P90X3 Triometrics Moves


Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Normal jacks

Twist and Pivot – Stepping inside the tape and outside of it, while you twist your torso. Keep your head forward.

Double Knee Pulls – It’s two pulls, pull knee, and pull knee again. Alternate knees.

Pigeon – Alternate pulling the ankle toward your chest, pull pull

Quad Pulls – Bring your foot behind and pull twice on your ankle toward your glutes, alternate sides.

End warmup

Calf Raise Squats – Legs slightly wider than shoulder width, slightly turned out. Reach your hands between your toward the the floor as you squat down, on the way up extend onto your toes while you hands go straight overhead. Second varation is to touch the floor. Last variation is fists to touch the ground.

The Duper Skater – Balancing on your right foot, bring your left foot back as your upper torso leans forward and left arm moves in front of your torso. Bring you left leg back to the front and repeat. Second variation is to kick your left foot as it comes forward. Third variation is to reach to the floor with your left hand.

Frog Jumps – Wide legs, knees over toes, bend down into a squat with hands around ankle height, when you come up you perform a slight hop. Second variation is to touch the floor. Third is to add in a big jump.

Warrior 3 Squats – Balance on one leg, other leg behind, with torso parallel to the floor, and arms behind. Perform a squat. Second varation is to place arms to the side. Third variation is to place your arms straight in front.

Speed Skater Starting on the left leg, left arm behind, right arm bent at the elbow with the hand at your left shoulder, right leg behind the left knee, hop to the right onto the right leg, left leg moves behind the right leg, right arm goes back, while left arm bends at the elbow to bring the left hand close to the head/shoulder. Second varation adds one more hop so you hop twice. Third variation includes a total of 3 hops.

Superman Lunge – Stay low in a lunge, remain low while you step forward and back in to the opposite lunge. Second varation places hands in the air with a skip between lunges. Third variation adds a jump in between lunges while using your arms to get more height.

Sumo Kick – Sumo stance with legs wide, perform a squat and when you come up alternate kicking to each side. Second variation you place your fists on the floor. Third variation place your palms on the floor.

Run Stance Squats – Start with left foot in front in a staggard stance, bring your left foot back parallel to your right and then bring your right foot forward back into the stance squat, stay low in a semi squat. Should look like you are about to run a long distance race. Second version is to touch the floor in the stance. Third version is a jump between stances.

Iso Squat – Balance on your right leg, left leg off the ground, bend over and down to touch the floor while bringing your left leg slightly back. Second variation is to keep your left leg paralell with your right leg as you touch the floor. Third variation is to place your left foot in front of your right foot.

Slater Squat – Start in standing position lower youself into plank and place your chest on the floor like you are riding a surfboard, bring yourself up into a squat position, then back down. Second variation adds a jump back and a jump forward. Third adds a jump up at the very end.

Duper 2 – Balance on your right leg, left knee up, extend the left leg out to the side. Second varation is to touch the floor with the left arm. Third variation is the keep the left leg out, no bending.

Jack Squats – Wide feet, turned out, in squat position, hands pointing to the ground, jump up into the top of a jumping jack and move the hands over the head in a chair position, then back down into the squat. Second variation touch the floor. Third variation is to jump up high, keeping the legs out wide.

Hell’s Chair – Chair position, hands overhead, right foot extended in front. Alternate legs. Feet together then and drop lower, hands higher.

Kablam – Squat, then step back into a lunge, alternate sides. Second variation adds arms overhead with a skip in between each lunge/squat. Third variation uses the arms every time to jump between lunges and squats.

Cooldown and Stretch