P90X3 Eccentric Upper Overview

In the P90X3 Eccentric Upper workout each move is only ten reps! Except it’s not performed fast, so you really get a nice burn from this routine.  This is an upper body workout within the P90X3 schedule, and the slow movement really targets your muscles.

“The lengthening of a muscle while under tension is much of your strength gains occur. And by slowing this eccentric part of the movement down you’re recruiting more muscle fibers, and that means greater strength gains. And isn’t that the reason you pick up the weight in the first place?”
– Tony Horton

P90X3 Eccentric Upper Advice

Don’t be a hero, lower the weights to a more manageable weight. Use the pullup bands or a chair if you need it.

P90X3 Eccentric Upper Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90X3 Eccentric Upper Pros

My upper body loved this workout. Every part of your upper body was torched in this workout.

P90X3 Eccentric Upper Cons

Some moves like the pull ups are near impossible without assistance.

P90X3 Eccentric Upper Moves


Arm Circles – Egoscue Grip forward, then back.


10 reps each exercise

Standard Push-Up – Normal Pushup, down for a 3 count, up fast.

Standard Pull-Up Normal pull-up with a 3 count on the way down, explode up to the top.

Military Press – Standing press dumbbells over your head, explode up slow on the way down.

Water Break

Military Push-ups – Pushup with elbows close to your torso AND one leg in the air.

Chin-ups – Palms facing torso, explode up, negative on the way down.

Deep Swimmer’s Press – Start in the midpoint of a curl, and explode the weights up above the head, in a corkscrew motion. Negative on the way down.

Water Break

Fly Push-ups – Wide pushups, negative on the way down.

V Pull-ups – Pull up where you bring your chin to one hand, back down, and back up to the other hand. Explode up, negative down.

Upright Hammer Pull – Standing with dumbells in front arms extended down, bring the weights toward your chin and at the last bit turn your wrists so the hand is parallel to the floor, negative on the way down.

Water Break

Staggered Pushups – One hand in front with elbow going out, other hand back with elbow by side.

Rocket Launcher Row – Lunge position, torso over the front knee, row the weights toward your chest. Explode up, negative down.

Lateral/Anterior Raise Straight arms, extend weight out to the sides up to shoulder level, back down in a negative, and then straight in front to shoulder level, negative down and repeat.

Water Break

Plyo Push-ups Pushup with a negative down, and explode into the air, with both hands and feet off the ground.

Vaulter Pull-ups – Pullups with one palm facing your torso, the other facing away. Switch after 5 reps.

Pterodactyl Flys – Lunge position, torso forward, arms straight and bring the arms to shoulder level.

Water Break

Rocket Launcer Kickback – Lunge position, torso forward, bend elbows with weight in front at shoulder level, extend the arms behind until arms are straight.

Flip Flop Combo – Curl the weight up, negative down in a hammer curl position.

Tricep Skyfers – Sitting position, hands and feet on the ground, lift one leg, and then bring your glutes/pelvis up into the air.

Kneeling Preacher Curl – On one knee, torso bent forward, perform a bicep curl with weights toward shoulder.

Burnout – Military Pushup with Wide Pullup. 1 pushup, 1 pullup.

Cooldown and Stretch