P90X3 CVX Reviewed

P90X3 CVX Overview

With the P90X3 CVX workout you will use a weight with the cardio routine, so not only will you have your heart pumping, sweat flowing, but you will get a lot of muscle burn.  Like Tony, I’m not a fan of cardio, and happy there aren’t many intense cardio routines in P90X3, but doing this in the morning you forget completely it’s a cardio routine as your body really feels the weight.

As a 6 foot, 190 pound male in decent shape, I have no idea how Traci is able to use a 5 pound weight with such ease. I started out with 5 thinking I was going light weight before ditching it for a 2, and then finally a towel. After many attepts I finally was able to use a 5 pound weight, and now 2 days later I’m still sore all over. She’s a rock star

“CVX – Sometimes you do cardio, and sometimes you do weight training. So, why not do both at the same time? You increase intensity, multiply the calorie burn, and banish the bordom of traditional cardio by putting a weight in your hand. You’re looking at a guy who…kinda hates cardio. But I love this, and so will you”
– Tony Horton

P90X3 CVX Advice

The quote above sums up my view on cardio to a T. I can’t stand it for the most part, but I know it’s needed. This workout is tough for me, especially with my shoulders. I have to make sure I pick a low weight knowing I’ll be pressing it a ton. Don’t be afraid to go low, and it you feel your form is getting worse, drop it and just use a towel for a bit.

P90X3 CVX Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes
  • Medicine ball or a light weight

P90X3 CVX Pros

I love adding a weight to cardio, my muscles received a great burn, and I also had a great cardio workout

P90X3 CVX Cons

Did I mention there is a weight? Doing this workout after an upper body workout, or doing an upper body workout the next day, is really hard. This workout really hits my shoulders and arms with the weight being pressed a ton over my head, so keep that in mind. While this is a cardio routine it’s also an arms/shoulder. So try for a leg/recovery the day before and after if you can.

Also, no warmup! I usually do some stretching before the workout before I hit play.

P90X3 CVX Moves

Repeat twice

Press Jacks – Jumping jacks while you press the weight over your head.

Atlas Twists – Standing position feet wider than shoulders, twise your torso to one side, shift your weight to your front foot while bending the back leg, and reach the weight toward your feet around knee depth, twist to the other side, shift your weight to your front foot, and reach the weight like you are putting it on a shelf.

March and Reach – Standing position, straight arms overhead, extend your foot while your arms meet your foot around your waist, arms back overhead, leg down, bring up the other leg while meeting your arms halfway. Repeat.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Repeat twice

Traveling Tire Twist – 4 forward, 4 back. Holding the weight around your waist you are going to start on your right foot, with the weight in your hands on the right side, almost touching your right thigh, hop onto your left foot while twisting your torso to bring the weight on the left thigh.

Frog Squat Reach – Feet wider than shoulders, with toes turned out. Head and chest are up as you reach the weight down to the floor. As you come up extend the legs with weight overhead, onto your tip toes.

Arc Press Lunge – Start in a shallow lunge, with right foot forward, weight on right hip. Bring the weight over your head and onto the left hip while your step forward with your left foot, and step back into a lunge. Repeat

Water Break (30 seconds)

Repeat twice

Hop Overs – No weight, towel on the floot, hop over the towel from right to left.

Balance Pulls – Right leg foward, tap the back leg on the floor in the first round, extend the weight over your head, bring the weight down to meet the back legs knee as that knee comes up.

Twist and Pivot – This is the normal warm up move, but with a weight. Feet wider than shoulder width in a shallow lunge, both feet pointed in the same direction with the weight over your front foot, twist the torso into the other direction as you switch the lunge to the other side, bringing the weight with you. Head forward with chest up.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Repeat twice

Side Reach Jumps – Feet together, lunge to the right, bring the weight to your front knee, then come up to the middle with feet shoulder width and jump with weight over your head. Similar in concept to grabbing a basketball and performing a jump shot.

Crescent Chair – Bent knees, feet together, like you are sitting in a chair, step back with one foot as you raise the weight over your head in Crescent pose, bring the foot back together, weight back down into Chair position, then step back with the other foot as you raise the weight over your head.

Globe Squatters – Feet wide, turned out, weight is hanging down. Bring the weight around in a circle over your head, when it gets back down you hop.

Cooldown and Stretch