P90X3 Agility X

P90X3 Agility X Reviewed

P90X3 Agility X Overview

I didn’t like P90X3 Agility X at first, and it might have been because I didn’t do the tape right, and since I normally do workouts at 4:30am when I wake up, I can blame my fatigue.  Then one time I did this in the afternoon and I absolutely loved it.  There are parts that seem a little silly for a P90X3 workout, but overall it worked me when I was ready to be worked.

“Agility – This workout is all about using targets for precision, training for speed, endurance, balance, change of direction, and power. X marks the spot people, now all you gotta do is hit ‘em”
– Tony Horton

P90X3 Agility X Advice

Mark the tape out before you begin. 2 pieces of tape 4 feet long, 3 feet apart for bbeginning 4 feet for intermediate, and 5 feet for people who are insane or consider themselves advanced, with X’s at the ends and right in the middle of each piece.

P90X3 Agility X Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Tape
  • Court Shoes

P90X3 Agility X Pros

Having the tape helped me push myself, and the several of the moves were difficult and really worked out my legs. Even though I wasn’t a fan of some of the moves I was sweating a ton by the end.

P90X3 Agility X Cons

Some of the moves are kind of silly, like the ring around the posey. It’s not that difficult to run around a 4 foot piece of tape and I felt like it was more of a cooldown move.

P90X3 Agility X Moves


Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Normal jacks

Twist and Pivot – Stepping inside the tape and outside of it, while you twist your torso. Keep your head forward.

Arm Circles – Egoscue Grip forward, then back.

Double Knee Pulls – It’s two pulls, pull knee, and pull knee again. Alternate knees.

Pigeon – Alternate pulling the ankle toward your chest, pull pull

Quad Pulls – Bring your foot behind and pull twice on your ankle toward your glutes, alternate sides.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Explode and Hold – Begin at the back of the left tape, jump forward to the middle of the right tape with your right foot, and then jump to the front of the left tape with your left foot. Reverse. Tony will call out hold to really work you.

Y Lunges – With your left foot between the tape, perform a lunge moving forward at a 45 degree angle towards the front of the tape. Reverse and switch sides.

Joel Jump Squats – At the back of the right tape, bound forward at the diagonal to your left foot, landing on the inside of the tape and tap your right fingers outside of your foot. Reverse and tap opposite fingers.

Toe Tap Skaters – Standing on your left leg, extend your right leg out and jump towards the front of your right tape, landing on your right leg. Do this side to side.

Near and Farrs – At the left side of the tape, jump inside the tape on your right foot; stay inside while jumping on to your left foot and then jump onto your right foot outside the tape. Reverse with left.

Ring Around the Posey – Start on the outside of the tape. Run around the circle and alternate direction on Tony’s command.

Scissor Kick Jumps – On the left of the tape, pull your right leg up as high as you can coming over the tape, follow with the left, repeat over the next line, then reverse.

8 Sprint 3 – Starting behind the tape, run in a figure-8 pattern. On Tony’s command either run facing front, run facing the tape, or do the grapevine.

Plyo V Lunge – Standing in the center of the tape, lung across so your foot goes to the outside of the tape. Step, skip, and jump on his command.

High Step Shuffle – Stand with the line of tape in front of you. Run with high knees behind and in front of the lines. Grapevine in the middle on Tony’s command. (

Gump Jump Push-ups – In plank with your arms between the tape and your legs on the right line, do a push-up into a side arm balance. Then jump legs to the other line and move hands so you are diagonally between both lines on the other side.

Tap That Line – on the right of the tape, turn and face the tape and begin to tap it with your toes as you move around the tape changing directions on his command.

Jump Knee Jump – Facing the long side of the tape, jump over the tape two times. High knees back and repeat.

Triangle Lunges – Starting between the tape, lung at a 45 degree angle with your right foot, then side lunge with your left foot, then lung backwards with your right foot to complete a triangle

Squat Jump Lunge – Sit down into a squat and then jump up. On landing, cross your right leg over the left and lunge towards the tape. Squat jump again and repeat to the opposite side.

3.4 Run – Sprint to whatever part of the tape is called (left/right, up/back, diagonal). Tap the tape with your fingertips before moving to the next spot.

Long Jump Sprint Facing the long side of the tape, squat and jump over both lines. Land in a deep squat and sprint back with high knees.

Plyo Line Push-ups In plank, walk the line with your hands. On cue, explode p in a lateral plyo push-up.

Cooldown and Stretch