P90X3 Accelerator

P90X3 Accelerator Reviewed

P90X3 Accelerator Overview

Each move in the P90X3 Accelerator workout lasts 1 minute, and when you read the description below you might not understand how this is cardio, but after doing the workout you will find yourself drenched in sweat.  I really enjoy this P90X3 workout, especially the variation in exercises, and the variation in speed.  I find the workout going by really fast, while getting a great workout in.

“Why is this called the accelerator? Why? Because this heart pumping, calorie burning, series of exercises has two speeds; fast, and a whole lot faster. So get your mind right, get your body ready, because this thing is going to crank, it’s going to move, it’s going to go, this is hard core, 30 minutes, cardiovascular exercise.”
– Tony Horton

P90X3 Accelerator Advice

Some of these moves were tough for me, so I found that watching the moves before a workout helped, especially with those crazy donkey kicks, which I still have trouble with.

P90X3 Accelerator Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90X3 Accelerator Pros

Nice cardio workout without much impact on my knees, lots of core, and you sweat buckets.

P90X3 Accelerator Cons

Like any cardio workout there isn’t much weight training, but that’s to be expected. Might be nice to add in some weights to really push it.

P90X3 Accelerator Moves


Water Break (30 seconds)

Speed Salutation – This is one of Tony’s signiture warmup moves but for this it’s much fast tempo, and it a basic yoga move as well. You start in standing position and move into clasping the hands over head. He has you stretch to the right and left before you bend over to the floor, up halfway to flat back, and down to hands on the floor stepping back to plank. Upward dog, pushup, downward dog. Back to top.

Twist And Pivot – Steping to the side, while twisting your torso to the other direction, keeping your head facing forward. This workout will switch speeds.

Foot Pursuit – Running in place, cheek to cheek with your hands, ie one hand to your head, the other to your rear. Two speeds fast and slower on Tony’s command

Get Up/Get Down – Standing position, move to hands on the floor and put your feet back, then back up. Tony will call out pushups, so when you go to the floor perform a pushup and stand back up.

X Jacks – Move between a jumping jack with straight arms forming an X with your feet when the feet jack out wide, to punching the sky with your fists on Tony’s command. Tony will alternate speeds.

Balance Burpees – Start in squat position, place your hands on the floor, kick your feet back, while in plank, twist your torso so one arm can point to the sky. Back into plank, twist the torso the other way and extend the other arm in the air, feet in, into squat position and repeat.

Slalom Hops – Two towels on the floor parallel to each other, feet together and hop over each one from left to right and reverse.

Mountain Climbers – In plank position, alternate bringing knees up toward your chest. You will alternate speeds on Tony’s command.

Spin Stops – Two moves, torso is low in fighters stance with right foot forward, hop so the other foot is in front as your body rotates and you touch the floor. The second move is “High” where when you hop you stand up higher while still rotating and touching the floor.

Plank Walkers – In plank position, Tony will call out which direction to walk your hands and feet.

Joel Jumps – Two towels lined up in a row. Starting in the back of the towels on your right foot, jump across the towels to land on the other foot while touching the outside your left foot with your right hand, jump back onto your right foot and touch the outside of your foot with your left hand. Tony will have you switch sides, and will call out “Freeze” when you have to stop.

Plank Circles – In plank position, rotate in a circle. You will alternate on command.

Roadrunner – Staying in a low standing position, step back into a lunge, then maintaining your low stance as if you were in a room with a low ceiling, alternate bringing your feet together and stepping one foot back into a lunge. Tony will ask you to increase speed which involves more of a hop between lunges.

Double Trouble Climbers – Plank position, opposite knee to opposite elbow. Move into sphinx position and bring same side knee to same side elbow. Alternate and increase speed on command.

Diamond Hops – Hop around in a diamond, Tony will call out right or left to reverse your direction. Speed will increase or decrease on command.

Swimmer’s Planks – Plank position, take one arm and “swim” it forward in a circle back to the plank position, when you swim one arm the opposite leg will left in the air. When Tony calls out “Backstroke” you move the arm in the opposite cicle from front to back.

Speed Skater – Hop from right to left as if you were skating, meaning when you hop to your left, your right arm will come across your body, your right leg will come behind your left knee and you will look just like a speed skater.

Plank/Sphinx Combo – Plank position into sphinx, on command. Tony will call out to raise a leg.

3 Squat Hops – Alternate between 3 shuffles and 3 hops from left to right and reverse.

Donkey Kicks – Hands on the floor, kick your legs up high in the air, when you land you land on one foot and kicking one leg through.

Cooldown and Stretch