P90 Sweat C Review

P90 Sweat C

P90 Sweat C Overview

P90 Sweat C is the cardio based workout found in the 3rd month of P90.  This workout clocks in a 36 Minutes in length, and will really get your heart pumping and the sweat flowing.  There is a reason this workout is found in the 3rd month, and that’s because it’s much harder than the P90 Sweat A found in the first month, and you really do need time to work up into this workout.

P90 Sweat C Advice

Make sure you are ready for this workout, it will be tough for those not already in decent cardio shape.

P90 Sweat C Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90 Sweat C Pros

Lots of fun moves in this workout.

P90 Sweat C Cons

The first time through I would recommend watching ahead of time so you can try out the different moves.  I’m not as coordinated so some of the moves took me a few workouts to master.

P90 Sweat C Moves


Kayak Knee Lift – Lift your knees up, hands together, as your knee comes up swing your hands to the same side as the knee that’s coming up

Jog in Place – Jog in place

Sun Salutations – Typical for Tony, arms up, then bend down, halfway up, then hands on the floor into plank, into upward dog, then into downward dog, with some calf stretches, walk feet into hands, inhale halfway, exhale down, all the way up. Do this 2 times through.

Warmup is over

Repeat these moves twice through

Near and Farr

Elbow, Block, Pull, Kick

Spin Jacks

Jab, Elbow, Down Strike

Jump Lunge Row

Low Block, Cross, Pull

Monster Tires

Uppercut, Down Strike, Sprawl

Climber Combo with Sphinx

Jump Kick Down Strike

Box Skater

Elbow Down Strike, Sprawl, Scramble

Water Break (30 seconds)

High/Low Jab with Squat – As you squat you jab, then you jump up and jab, back down into the squat. Halfway through you switch arms.

Football Runs – Run in place, on command drop to the floor in low plank, back up to run.

Cooldown and Stretch