P90 Ab Ripper C Review

P90 Ab Ripper C

P90 Ab Ripper C Overview

P90 Ab Ripper C is 36 Minutes in length and is found in the 3rd month of the P90 workout routine.  This workout builds on B Ab Ripper by performing the same moves but adding 5 additional moves at the end.

P90 Ab Ripper C Advice

Make sure you don’t skip these ab workouts.  I know I have in the past and after doing them as part of these routines I’ve noticed not only my core getting stronger, but my other areas have also toned better, and I can lift more.  Not only that but I’m having less lower back pain from my normal office job, and I really think it’s due to doing these ab workouts.

P90 Ab Ripper C Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90 Ab Ripper C Pros

The difficulty keeps increasing, which I love.  I like the variation of moves too.

P90 Ab Ripper C Cons

Some of these moves are not easy for me, and can be quite discouraging.  So just mentally prepare for that.

P90 Ab Ripper C Moves

Pac Man – On back, hands behind head, crunch upper body and lower body together in a crunch. Knees touch elbows

Plantain Roll – On floor on your side, hands above your head and off the ground, with your legs together and in the air, you roll onto the other side keeping your arms and legs in the air.

Ish Combo – on back, palms on ground, arms straight. Lift straight into the air, legs spread open, then close, then pull legs higher in the air and back to the middle.

Rope Climber – On back legs in the air above your body, with your arms you will pretend as if you are climbing a rope, reaching with alternate hands toward your feet.

Pike Crunch – On back, arms out to the sides, legs bent in the air, bring yours arms together in the air as you bring your legs in toward your head.

Circle Crunches – Hands behind head, on your back, legs bent with feet on the ground. Bring your upper torso up and around in a circle.

Bridge Crunch – On backs, heals on the ground. Heals together, roll lift, down and pelvis up.

Triangle Crunches – On back, heals on the ground. Arms straight and in front with fists, reach foward, then reach left, Center, and right.

Roller Bike – On your bottom, arms hugging knees, roll onto your back and up, hands behind head and touch elbow to opposite knee, repeat.

Bug Crunches – On back, heal on ground with other leg in the air, on command reach opposite arm to the floor on the side of the leg in the air. repeat to the opposite side.

Magic Circle – Seated position, barely tap the lower back to the floor as your upper body rotates in a circle, with your hands as if you were a truck driver holding a large steering wheel

Twise and Row – Seated position, feet off the group with knees bent, hands clasped and pretend you are rowing a boat from side to side.

Buddha Crunches – Seated position, heels touching with knees far apart, feet off the ground. Hands start in prayer, put your hands out with palms up, with feet straight and out in front and off the ground, repeat back to prayer hands with heals touching.

1/2 Boat Crunches – Feet off the ground with knees bent, hands straight out in front, crunch up so that your torso is off the ground, then back down.

Banana Bike – Straight legs 6 inches off the ground, hands extended behind torso off the ground, crunch up to touch elbows to alternate knees, on both sides.

Sphinx Leg Lift – Low plank position, lift one leg off the ground, alternate

Sphinx Bird Dog Crunch – Low plank, extend your left hand in front of your body and your right leg behind, bring your left elbow back to touch your right knee, alternate with the opposite hand/leg.

Spidey Crunch – Plank position, bring a knee up toward the same side elbow, repeat on the other side.

Dolphin Drops – Low plank, glutes up a little and rotate to touch each side of your hips to the ground.

Sphinx Hold – Low plank, cross one forearm across the body on the ground

Cooldown and Stretch