P90 Sweat B Review

P90 Sweat B

P90 Sweat B Overview

P90 Sweat B is the cardio based workout found in the 2nd month of the P90 workout routine.  The workout clocks in at 32 Minutes with 10 main moves that you repeat twice. The first time there is the nice example of how to do the moves, and the second time you just go through each one.

P90 Sweat B Advice

Pay attention to the first set in how each move is performed as you won’t get the same the second time through.

P90 Sweat B Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90 Sweat B Pros

I love MMA like workouts, I feel like I’m in a fight and don’t pay attention to the cardio. This helps me as when I just run, or bike, I’m focusing on the run or the bike, with this workout I’m having fun.

P90 Sweat B Cons

This one can be a little much in the cardio department for those just starting out, but luckily you should have gotten through the first month before trying this one.

P90 Sweat B Moves

Kayak Knee Lift – Lift your knees up, hands together, as your knee comes up swing your hands to the same side as the knee that’s coming up

Jog in Place – Jog in place

Sun Salutations – Typical for Tony, arms up, then bend down, halfway up, then hands on the floor into plank, into upward dog, then into downward dog, with some calf stretches, walk feet into hands, inhale halfway, exhale down, all the way up. Do this 2 times through.

These moves are done 2 times through

Lateral Run Squats – Jog in the bottom right part of the H, when Tony gives teh command, shift to the squart that Tony calls out.

Elbow / Uppercut / Pull – Front foot in the middle front square, back foot in the middle back square. Throw an elbow, then throw an uppercut punch, and finally pull down to the side while bringing your knee up towards your waist.

Front to Side Jacks – Jumping jacks arms jack to the side like normal, then Tony will tell us to put the hands to the front, and move to different boxes.

Jab, Upper Elbow, Kick – Right foot in the front middle squar, left foot in the back middle square. Jab with your front arm, elbow with your back arm, and kick with your back leg to the front.

Side Lunge Row – Start standing feet together, hands clasped, then step into a side lunch, and take your hands and throw them down to the side of the lunge as if you are chopping wood.

Hook, Cross, Push – Same staggard stance right foot forward, throw a hook punch with your right hand so the punch starts wide and goes across your body. Throw a punch with your left hand, then with your front right foot push kick forward as if you are trying to kick down a door.

2 Speed Tires – Running while placing your feet in each box of the H, so it’s similar to what football players do when they run through tires. Tony will call out an increase in speed, and a reduction in speed for variation.

Down Strike, Sprawl – Staggard stance, bend your knees as you punch down, put hands to the ground, feet back into plank, then come back up and repeat.

Climbers Combo – Hands on the floor in plank, alternate knees in like you are climbing a mountain, then cross your knees on command so the knees come to the opposite side.

Jump Front Kicks – Staggard stance, jump off the back leg to bring the knee up high, while you finish with a kick from the left leg.

Water Break after first set (30 seconds)

Cooldown and Stretch