P90 Sculpt B Review

P90 Sculpt B

P90 Sculpt B Overview

P90 Sculpt B  is a 30 minute of resistance workout for the second month of the P90 workout.  It has a bunch of new moves to really sculpt your body. For 30 minutes Tony really fits a lot of moves into this workout, my whole body was feeling it the next day, in a good way that is.

P90 Sculpt B Advice

Once you have the moves down I really like to go as deep and squeeze as much as I can. More effort now will result in better gains down the road, so remember that when you are feeling like taking a break. Just try to do one more than you think you are able.

P90 Sculpt B Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90 Sculpt B Pros

A nice compact workout that targets all the major muscle groups, and I like how he adds variations to the moves I’ve done before.

P90 Sculpt B Cons

I struggle to find a con with these workouts, the impact is low, if you are finding your form isn’t great you can easily modify, and yet if you want to push increase the weight.

P90 Sculpt B Moves


Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Use the H on the floor for these to bring your feet move from the outside squares to the inside square.

Twist and Pivot – Stepping inside the box and outside of it, while you twist.

Arm Circles – Egoscue Grip forward, then back.

Sun Salutation – Typical for Tony, arms up, then bend down, halfway up, then hands on the floor into plank, into upward dog, then into downward dog, with some calf stretches, walk feet into hands, inhale halfway, exhale down, all the way up.

Warmup over

Pushup – Plank position, bring your elbows out to lower your torso, then back up. Normal pushup.

Rocket Row – Resistance band with door attachment, in rocket position with one leg back, leaning foward over the other knee, bring your arms back to engage your back. Stay on the ball of the back foot.

Fighter Stance Squats – Feet staggerd in fighters stance, bend both knees, lowering glutes down and back. Keep weight in the heels.

Thumbs-Up Flys – Holding dumbbells or bands in a staggerds stance, turn your thumbs toward the ceiling and extend both arms out toward the side stopping at shoulder level. Lower the arms and then extend in front of the torso, stopping at shoulder level. Repeat.

Curl Hammer Combo – Holding dumbbels or a secured band, feet in a staggerd stance, turn palms up, bend the elbows and bring the weights toward the shoulder, extend the arms back down, turn the palms toward each other, and bring the weight up to the shoulder again.

Launcher Kickback – Holding a resistance band or dumbbells, step into a wide lunge, back leg straight on the ball of the foot with front knee bent to 90 degrees. Torso pitched forward, chest lifted, head in line with spine. Row elbows behind you and extend the arm behind the torso.

Side Lunge Squats – Feet in a hip width parallel stance, bend the knees slightly as you lunge to the right keeping the right leg at 90 degress with the left leg straight, move back into the middle square and into a squat, then lunge to the left.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Sand Crab Push-ups – On the floor in plank position, hands slightly wider than the shoulders, perform a pushup and then walk to the other side of the H with both hands and feet, perform another pushup. Keep moving right and left after each pushup.

Iso Rocket Row – Holding dumbbells or resistance bands and a door attachment, feet in a wide lunge, back leg is straight with the front leg bent at 90 degrees. Torso is straight over the front knee. Alternate arms pulling weights or bands toward your body, elbows hugging the body.

Fighter Hoppers – Feet staggered in fighters stance, move into a squat and hop into a squat with the opposite foot forward.

Scarecrow Press – Holding dumbbells or resistance bands with feet in a staggard stance, create a 90 degree angle with your arms with your hands at the level of your head, triceps parallel to the ground, close the elbows together in front of you, open and extend the arms overhead.

7/7/7 – Feet in staggard stance, holding dumbbels or resistance bands, arms extended at your side, begin to curl the weight halfway until your forearms are parallel to the ground, then back down. Do this 7 times, start from the same parallel position and curl all the way up to the shoulder. Do this 7 times, then perform a full curl 7 times.

Chair Dips – Seated at the edge of a chair, hands holding the seat with fingers pointed down. Move your glutes off of the chair, extend the legs, bend both elbows, lowering the glutes toward the floor, straighten both arms back to the start.

Side Back Lunges – Feet in a hip width parallel position, step into a side lunge bending the knee to 90 degrees and keeping the opposite leg straight. Then step into a back lunge. Step into a side lunge in the opposite side, into a back lunge, and repeat.

Water Break (30 seconds)

The Crab Special – Plank position, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Perform a pushup then open the chest to the ceiling and reach your arm up. Bring your hand back down and walk your hands and feet to the opposite side, reach the opposite arm up to the ceiling and repeat.

Renegade Rows – Hold resistance bands or dumbbells in a plank position, alternate bringing a hand up to your chest with your elbow behind your torso, put your hand back down into plank position. Repeat on the other side.

Pogo Fighters – Feet slightly staggard in fighters stance, move into a squat position, jump in the air and rotate so the opposite foot is in the front. Repeat.

Batman Flys – Using dumbbells or resistance band, step back into a deep lunge, torso is straight over the front knee. Lift your arms to shoulder level, keeping a bend in the elbow, lower, and repeat.

Balance Curls – Using dumbbells or resistance bands, standing on one leg, curl the weight up to your shoulder and back down.

Leg-Up Dips – Start seated on the ground, place the feet on a bench or chair, bring the hands behind your with fingers pointed toward the glutes, lift the glutes off the ground, begin to bend the elbows then straighten your arms.

Runner Lunges – Standing with feet parallel, step back into a lunge, explode off the ground, switch feet in the air landing with opposite foot in front, and the other foot behind. Switch arms like a runner.

Cooldown and Stretch