P90 Sweat A Review

P90 Sweat A

P90 Sweat A Overview

If you haven’t had a session with Tony, P90 Sweat A is a great introduction, along with the MMA (Mixed Matial Arts) moves. Don’t be too alarmed though as he explains everything and does go slow to get you up to speed. There is a modifier as in all of P90, so if you feel that your form isn’t quite right, or your body isn’t cooperating, you can tone it down. Alternatively if you feel it’s a little easy for you, then you can really push it to get a lot out of it. This is a solid workout that will attack a lot of body parts

P90 Sweat A Advice

Like always, pay attention to Tony for the instruction, and then watch the person you want to follow.

P90 Sweat A Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90 Sweat A Pros

A good intro to a MMA style workout, one that hits a lot of body parts

P90 Sweat A Cons

For a person that has done a lot of Beachbody videos, this feels slow, but honestly if I had found this 3 years ago I would have loved it even more. Workouts like this make it easy to get into the Beachbody mentality.

P90 Sweat A Moves


Kayak Knee Lift – Lift your knees up, hands together, as your knee comes up swing your hands to the same side as the knee that’s coming up

Jog in Place – Jog in place

Sun Salutations – Typical for Tony, arms up, then bend down, halfway up, then hands on the floor into plank, into upward dog, then into downward dog, with some calf stretches, walk feet into hands, inhale halfway, exhale down, all the way up. Do this 2 times through.

These moves are done 2 times through

Lateral Run – Jog in the bottom right part of the H, when Tony gives teh command, shift to the squart that Tony calls out.

Elbow / Uppercut – Front foot in the middle front square, back foot in the middle back square. Throw an elbow, then throw an uppercut punch.

Press Jacks – Jumping jacks for your feet, with fists at your shoulders, press up with your fists while hopping your feet out and in.

Jab / Upper Elbow – Right foot in the front middle squar, left foot in the back middle square. Jab with your front arm, elbow with your back arm.

Side Lunge Row – Start standing feet together, hands clasped, then step into a side lunch, and take your hands and throw them down to the side of the lunge as if you are chopping wood.

Cross Knee Pull – Right foot forward, left foot back. Left hand punch, right hand grab the fist of the left hand, then raise your left knee while both hands move behind the knee to the left. Repeat on the opposite side.

Fast Feet – Tony says with fast feet. You will spin and move around when Tony says to move

Sprawls – Start standing up with right leg in front of left leg. When Tony says place your hands down, feet go back, then come up.

Water Break after each set (30 seconds)

Cooldown and Stretch