P90 Sculpt A Review

P90 Sculpt A

P90 Sculpt A Overview

In the first month of the P90 workout series you will start out with P90 Sculpt A which will hit all the important muscle groups, from bicep curls and presses that hit biceps, to pullups that target your back and squats to target your legs, it’s well designed.

P90 Sculpt A Advice

Like a broken record, but still pay attention to Tony, he knows what he’s doing and he does a great job of explaining what to do. If you need to modify do so, or push yourself if you need it.

P90 Sculpt A Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Tape
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band and Door Attachment
  • Powerstands (Optional)
  • Mat

Tape is used to create an H on the floor, Tony’s is 24 inches wide.

P90 Sculpt A Pros

Hit’s all the primary muscle groups, and the supporting ones too. The variation of exercises is nice, and I did enjoy using the bands as there were a few moves I hadn’t tried before.

P90 Sculpt A Cons

It’s a slower paced workout than I am used to, but while I initially thought of this as a con, it’s still great workout as I did break a little sweat. It’s probably a better workout for those begining home workouts than for those that have been working out for some time.

P90 Sculpt A Moves


Jog – Jog in place

Press Jacks – Little fists, punch the sky as you perform a jumping jack, inside and outside of the box you taped on the floor

Twist and Pivot – Stepping inside the box and outside of it, while you twist.

Arm Circles – Egoscue Grip forward, then back.

Sun Salutation – Typical for Tony, arms up, then bend down, halfway up, then hands on the floor into plank, into upward dog, then into downward dog, with some calf stretches, walk feet into hands, inhale halfway, exhale down, all the way up.

Warmup over

1/2 pushups – Only go halfway into a pushup

Rocket Row – Resistance band with door attachment, in rocket position with one leg back, leaning foward over the other knee, bring your arms back to engage your back. Stay on the ball of the back foot.

Skier Squats – Feet shoulder width apart, bend into a squat with hands out in front in a skier position, come up into standing position.

Touchdown Press – Holding dumbbells or a resistance band, Feet are staggard front to back, raise dumbbells overhead, twisting hands toward each other, bring them down and repeat.

Standing Curls – Feet again in a staggard stance, bring dumbells from a down position up toward your shoulder in a standard dumbbell curl.

Launcher Kickback – Holding a resistance band or dumbbells, step into a wide lunge, back leg straight on the ball of the foot with front knee bent to 90 degrees. Torso pitched forward, chest lifted, head in line with spine. Row elbows behind you and extend the arm behind the torso.

Step Back Lunges – Standing with parallel feet, step back into a lunge, bending both knees to 90 degrees, repeat on opposite side.

Water Break (30 seconds)

Walking Half Pushup – Perform a half pushup, then walk your hands and feet backward to another half pushup, move hands and feet forward to repeat.

Sawyer Chin Pull – Resistance band over the door, kneel on one knee, opposite leg straight in front, pull bands toward chest, with elbows behind with an underhand grip.

Side Step Squat – Feet in hip width position, lower into a squat. Stand and step left into a squat, feet go back to hip width and squat. Step right into a squat and repeat. Middle, left, middle, right etc.

Deep Swimmer’s Press – Holding dumbbell or resistance bands, feet in a staggard stance, arms curled straight in front of your body, then curl up toward your should, and then press the weight over your head, back down to your shoulders and finally finish with your hands curled in front of your body.

Rocket Launcher Curls – Dumbbells or resistance band, step back into a lunge, with your back leg straigt with foot on the ball of the foot, and your front knee at 90 degrees. Torso straight with chest over your front knee, curl the weights up.

Tricep Kickdowns – Resistance band in the door frame, back leg knee is on the groud, front leg is in front, straight with the heel on the ground. Palms up and elbows glued to your side, extend the arms driving towards the floor.

Kayak Back Lunge – Feet parallel, holding a dumbbell if desired or no weight at all, step back into a lunge bending both knees, twist the hands to the front hip, turning the torso, repeat on the other side,

Cooldown and Stretch