Insanity Pure Cardio Overview

I really like Insanity Pure Cardio as it’s a little different then the others 1st month workouts in Insanity. Instead of circuits you perform each exercise for 1 minute. With the circuit I sometimes found myself dreading a particular exercise (Globe Squats usually) and when it came up again I would dread that spot.  With Pure Cardio I know my time is winding down and I can tell myself to finish strong

Insanity Pure Cardio Advice

Make sure you are ready and hydrated, no water breaks during the main workout!

Insanity Pure Cardio Equipment

  • Water (lots of it!)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

Insanity Pure Cardio Pros

  • A great cardio workout that will have you dripping by the end

Insanity Pure Cardio Cons

  • It is intense, if this is your first time, or you aren’t yet in amazing shape, try to modify and only take small breaks. Even a little work is better then sitting on that couch.

Insanity Pure Cardio Moves

Warmup (3 times through)

Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Regular Jumping jacks, make sure your arms are straight

Heisman – Hopping back and forth on each leg ending in the heisman position with your outside hand up by your face, and your inside hand at your waist with your elbow out.

1-2-3 Heisman – Shaun T’s signiture move, right to left 3 steps, and end in the Heisman pose

Butt Kicks – Jogging in place trying to kick your own behind

High Knees – Jogging in place while trying to lift your knees above your waist

Mummy Kicks – Legs are straight and alternate kicks, with arms straight and in front, crossing over and under each other

Water Break (30 seconds)


Water Break (30 seconds)

Suicide drills – Moving from left to right, and reverse. At each end you squat inward and touch the floor.

Switch kicks – You hop from one foot to the other, kicking the opposite leg in the air in a kicking motion.

Wide football sprints – Feet shoulder width apart, run in place. Shaun will instruct your to shuffle to the right, shuffle to the left, shuffle up, shuffle back, set for a sprint, and sprint in place.

Stance jacks – Think jumping jack, but when your feet go wide you alternate a hand touching the opposite foot while in a squat position.

Pedal – Sprint in place and then drop to a lunge and reverse into the opposite lunch, come up and sprint in place. Repeat.

Hooks and jump rope – 8 jabs in the air, then jump up 4 times as if you were jumping over a rope. Repeat.

Power jacks – Similar to a jumping jack but when your legs open, lower into a squat position with your hands up.

Level 2 drills – Standing position, drop your hands to the ground and jump back to plank position. 8 push-ups are followed by floor sprints. Jump your feet back up to your hands and stand up, repeat.

Frog jumps – Standing position you first squat down to touch the floor and jump backwards into another squat while touching the floor. Repeat forward and back.

Power knees – Standing on one leg with your knee slightly bent hands in the air, bring the other knee up to meet your hands at waist level. Repeat on the other side.

Mountain climbers – Jogging in place with high knees, hands above head, each time a knee comes up, reach with opposite hand as if you are climbing a mountain. This really hits your core.

Ski down – Feet together, jump right to left, as you land squat and swing your arms back as if you were skiing.

Scissor runs – Feet move front to back opposite one another, while arms do the same but in the opposite order. Keep both feet on the ground

Suicide jumps – Standing position, drop your hands to the floor and jump your feet back to plank position. Jump feet forward between your hands then jump into the air landing in upright position. Repeat.

Push-up jacks – Similar to pushups except when you go down you jump your feet to the side into a wider foot stance, and when you come up you jump your feet into the normal pushup stance

Cooldown and Stretch