Insanity Max Recovery Overview

This is the Insanity Max Recovery, so building on the Cardio recovery we did in the first month of Insanity, it’s similar but a lot longer.  It’s a full body workout full of planks, plank holds, stretching, and core moves, but don’t come in thinking this will be easy.  Shaun T really works you out in this one.  The Max Recovery is a long workout, clocked in at 45 minutes, but by the time you enter the second month of Insanity you should be used to the length and intensity.  While I always question how this could be a recovery workout, since my entire body is shaking throughout the 45 minutes, it still is a nice break from the hard pounding jumping during the other workouts.

Length: 45 Minutes

Insanity Max Recovery Advice

Do the best you can, and enjoy this “Recovery”

Insanity Max Recovery Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes


  • While it’s not cardio, it’s a great workout
  • Core is blasted, at least for me, and so is the rest of the body


  • This is not a recovery workout, while I tend to look forward to a break, I find these recovery workouts to be tough and not a break.

Insanity Max Recovery Moves

This one is a little different in that it’s entirely a lot of stretching with his favorite “Contract and Relax” interwoven throughout. You go through a lot of stretching and plank moves, with an increasing tempo. This is not a cardio workout, but it’s still not easy as you are moving a lot. Some of the moves aren’t easy, but it’s a really good core workout, with a lot of upper and lower body focused moves.

The moves themselves are pretty hard to describe as you move through them so quickly and they don’t follow the same pattern as the rest of these workouts.

Expect to be in plank a lot.