Insanity Max Interval Circuit Overview

The Insanity Max Interval Circuit is insane, when you finish you will feel like you climbed everest.  You will think you can’t do any more and when you look at the time you’ll realize you still have 30 minutes left.  This is what month 1 was getting you ready for in Insanity.  Every cast member looks like they aren’t going to make it.  But, once it’s done you will feel amazing knowing you did it.

Insanity Max Interval Circuit Advice

Hydrate, and get a good night sleep before you work out. Eat well and push it.

Insanity Max Interval Circuit Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

Insanity Max Interval Circuit Pros

  • Amazing workout, full body, intense cardio

Insanity Max Interval Circuit Cons

  • Not for everyone, you need to be in shape to just watch this video 🙂

Insanity Max Interval Circuit Moves

Warmup (3 times through)

Jog – Jog in place

Straight arm jacks – Jumping jack with pushing your arms arms over your head

Heisman 1-2-3 – Three steps to the right and assume the heisman with outside arm up, and inside knee up. Chest over your knee. Repeat the other way.

Jump rope side to side – Pretend you are swinging a jump rope on alternating sides of your body. Don’t twist your hips

High knees w/ arms out – Alternating knees come above your hips with your arms out to the sides

Switch kicks – Hop onto one foot while kicking the other out in front. Elboys into your core

Hit the floor – Back flat, abs tight, arms up, jump from the body. You jumpt up to one side, and touch the floor, jump to the other side and touch the floor with the opposite hand.

Side to side floor hops – Hands on the floor, feet together, jump your feet side to side while keeping them together.

Water Break (30 seconds)


Water Break (30 seconds)

Pedal/power lunges Sprint, then 4 lunges

Ski abs / Push-up jacks / In & out abs / Oblique push-ups – Holy crap this one is hard. Hands on the floor you start with Ski abs which is when you jump your feet from a plank position up and to the left, back to plank, and up to the right, repeat. Push-up jacks you do a normal pushup but jump your legs out on the way down, and back in on the way up. In and out Abs is when you are in plank and you jump your feet in toward your hands and back out. Oblique push-ups are like normal pushups except you bring one knee up toward your hands when on the way down. All of these you do 4 times 2 times through.

Power strike – Standing up, Two punches down on one side, then switch to the other hand.

Frog jumps – Start in a squat, jump up and forward into another squat. Repeat on the way back.

Football runs/cross jacks – Football stance, turn 360 and back, then jumping jacks with one arm up and your feet cross on the in part of the Jack.

30 second water break

Hook jumps – 4 high hooks, take it low 4 more hooks, then 4 jumps as if you are jumping rope, switch to the other hand.

High knees w/ twist – High Knees twisting the upper body over to the knee that is coming up.

High-low jab w/ squat – Jump high and jump low into a squat while throwing a jab into the air.

Floor switch kicks – On the ground in a crab position, feet and hands on the ground, you then kick in the air and alternate feet.

One more after the round

1-2-3 jab across – Hop left and right and jab at the end of the move.

30 second water break

Side suicide jumps – Standing position, hands to the side, jump feet to the other side, jump feet back in, then stand up.

Squat hooks – Throw a hook and end in a squat, back to standing and throw another hook from the other side into another squat.

Full body drills – 8 floor sprints, 4 moving pushups, 8 wide runs, stand up, repeat to the other side.

Plank punches – In plank position, punch to the front of you. Repeat on both sides.

Cooldown and Stretch