Insanity Insane Abs Overview

While Shaun T never seems to do any situps or crunches in Insanity Insane Abs, he sure knows how to attack your core.  From the first few minutes I could feel my core tightening, and for a few days after I found myself still feeling this workout.  This workout appears in the second month of Insanity, so get ready.

Insanity Insane Abs Advice

Just know this one isn’t easy, but like a few of the others you do get longer breaks. Take advantage, hit child’s pose when you need it, and hydrate.

Insanity Insane Abs Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

Insanity Insane Abs Pros

If I could do this workout twice a week I’d have the strongest core in the world.

Insanity Insane Abs Cons

I don’t have any cons, it’s a good solid core workout.

Insanity Insane Abs Moves

Warmup (2 times)

Jog – Jog in place, focus on your abs.

High Knees – Slow and in control, contract the core.

High Knees with Twist – High knees but twist your upper body so that when your knees goes up, you meet that knee with your opposite elbow.

Tuck Jumps – Start low when you jump, jump high bring your knees to your hands

T-Kicks – Arms out straight at your sides, straight leg lifts in front of your body alternating legs.

T-Jumps – Arms out straight at your sides, hop from one leg to another while lifting the alternate leg straight out in front.

Water Break

Moves 2 times through

6 Inches – V sit position, on your behind, legs 6 inches in the air

Flutter Kicks – V sit position, feet doing a flutter kick

Scissors – V sit position, feet crossing over and back again.

Knees In & Out V sit position, bring your knees in and back out.

Water Break

Moves 2 times through

Power Abs – Hands Down Wide C sit, bring knees toward chest.

Power Abs – No Hands – Wide C sit, this time keep your hands above your head and when your knees come in, meet your knees with your elbows. Do not touch the ground with your hands.

Over the Mountain – C sit, bring your knees in, over, and back out, as if you are moving your legs/knees around an object.

Core Adduction – Hands Down – C sit position, wide legs, bring them in toward your chest and have your knees touch, back out to touch the ground.

Core Adduction – No Hands – Same as above except hands above your head with arms coming down on the sides to meet the floor.

Bicycle Runs – Hands Down – C sit position, hands in front of your glutes, pedal your feet like a bicycle.

Bicycle Runs – Hands Down – C sit position, elbows into the side, pedal your feet like a bicycle.

Water Break

Low Plank Hops – Low plank, hop your feet side to side.

Alt Balance Holds – Low plank, same side arms and legs come off the group and lift in the air while opposite side stays in low plank. Come back to low plank and repeat on the other side.

Alt Knee to Elbow – Low plank, rotate onto the left side, right knee and right elbow come together, repeat on the other side.

Oblique Rotation – High plank to low plank but in betweek you move one foot wide, then the other foot wide, on the way up, you move each foot in one at a time. Out, Out, down, down, in, in, up, up, repeat

Cooldown and Stretch