Insanity Fit Test Overview

The Insanity Fit Test was the first workout I did in Insanity, and I’m happy for that as I caught a glimpse into how intense the workout will be. It also allowed me to see how to do the Heisman, which is part of every warmup, and was quite challenging for me initially

Insanity Fit Test Advice

Do this workout if you’ve never done insanity before. If this is your second time through I would skip it and throw another workout in its place.

Insanity Fit Test Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

Insanity Fit Test Pros

  • Measure yourself along the way
  • A good intro to the 63 days ahead

Insanity Fit Test Cons

  • Aside from gauging how well you are doing, you can usually see your improvement each week by the decreasing amount of rest needed, and your ability to do more of each exercises.

Insanity Fit Test Moves

Warmup (3 times through)

Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Regular Jumping jacks, make sure your arms are straight

Heisman – Hopping back and forth on each leg ending in the heisman position with your outside hand up by your face, and your inside hand at your waist with your elbow out.

1-2-3 Heisman – Shaun T’s signiture move, right to left 3 steps, and end in the Heisman pose

Butt Kicks – Jogging in place trying to kick your own behind

High Knees – Jogging in place while trying to lift your knees above your waist

Mummy Kicks – Legs are straight and alternate kicks, with arms straight and in front, crossing over and under each other

Water Break (30 seconds)


Water Break (30 seconds)

Fit Test

Switch Kicks – This move consists of you jumping from one leg to the other, kicking the opposite leg in the air as you do.

Power Jacks – Think jumping jacks with a squat in the middle

Power Knees To start, put your weight on one leg and your hands in the air, bring your other knee up to meet your hands as they come down. Repeat on the other leg once the first set is complete

Power Jumps – Feet are shoulder width apart, knees bent in a squat position. Arms are back to start and then you swing them up as you jump in the air, as your knees come up to your waist level, bring your hands back down to meet your knees in the air.

Globe Jumps – Feet shoulder width apart, bend down and touch the floor. In a box pattern you will now jump up and to the right, bending down to touch the floor, next jump back and do the same, jump left and do the same, and finally complete the box by jumpping forward and again touching the floor. One full rotation counts as one globe jump.

Suicide Jumps – These are similar to Burpees in that with feet shoulder width apart you drop your hands between your feet, jump your feet back into a plank, jump your feet back to your hands, and then finish by jumping vertically in the air.

Push-up Jacks – These are like normal pushups except your feet are going to think they are performing a jumping jack. On pushup down your feet “Jack” out, and when at the top of the pushup your feet “Jack” in

Low Plank Obliques – In plank position but on your elbows, bring your right knee up to your shoulder, repeat on the other side.

Cooldown and Stretch