Insanity Cardio Recovery Overview

While Insanity Cardio Recovery is labeled as a recovery workout for Insanity, to me it’s more a workout with stretching then a true recovery. During this workout my legs tend to quiver and at the end I can feel it in my legs. Initially I would need to take breaks, especially during the pulses, but the more I did it the better I became.

Insanity Cardio Recovery Advice

Try to stay with the group, but if you feel like your form isn’t the best, modify or take a quick break and jump in.

Insanity Cardio Recovery Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

Insanity Cardio Recovery Pros

  • It’s a great lower body workout without the pounding on your knees like the others, so in that sense it’s a recovery

Insanity Cardio Recovery Cons

  • Recovery? What recovery? I still sweat and my legs feel like jello in the end.

Insanity Cardio Recovery Moves

Plank work – Standing position, drop your hands between your legs and kick back into a plank position. Jump your feet between your hands and stand back up. Repeat.

Plank pulses – Plank position, raise one leg and repeatedly pulse it up and down. Repeat but with the other leg.

Wide downward dog – Feet wide apart, with hands on the ground and your body in an upside down V.

Hamstring stretch – Wide feet, pull your chest toward the right leg and hold. Repeat on the left side.

Squats – Standard squats but slowly. Focus on youe form

Squat, hold and pulse – This is where it gets fun, see how long you can last. After the squats above, you stay at the bottom of the squat before you start to pulse up and down. Finish in the bottom of the squat.

Lunges – Typical lunge, but similar to the squat you will go very slow.

Lunge, hold and pulse – same as the squats above: hold at the bottom lunge position, then pulse and then hold in the bottom position once again.

Plie yoga stretch – Feet pointing out and wide apart move into a squat. Hold your arms up and lean to the right, placing your palm on the floor and connecting your shoulder with your knee. Hold and return to the start and repeat on the left side.

Quad strengtheners – Begin on your hands and knees, lift your knees off the ground with your toes. Start by lifting your right leg to pulse it up and down. Repeat on your left side.

Oblique work – Begin on your hands and knees, bring your knee up your side toward your shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

Table top balance pose – Balance on one foot. Lift the other leg into the air so that it’s parallel to the ground. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Repeat on the other side.

Knee to chest stretch – In a standing position, lift one knee and bring it to your chest. Place your hands around your knee and hold it up using your biceps. Repeat with the other leg.

Knee to oblique stretch – In a standing position, pull your leg out to your side, supporting it with the arm on the same side. Hold your other arm out in the opposite direction to help stabliize. Repeat with the other leg.

Hamstring stretch – Reach down to your feet while rounding your back. If able, plant your palms on the floor close to your feet and Hold.

Hip openers – In a squat position, place your hands on your knees. Lower your body so that your elbows and knees come together and push outward to open your hips.