Dumbbells – We rank the best dumbbells for home workouts

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The best dumbbells from our research as well as our own testing is the Bowflex 552s. Bowflex 552 – The Best Dumbbells for Home Workouts Bowflex 552 – The Best Dumbbells for Home Workouts These dumbbells for the most part feel like regular dumbbells, they are quick to change (though some have complained about the weights sticking to the tray, … Read More

Pullup Bars – The Best Options For Home Workout Routines

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What are the best pullup bars for home workouts?  The answer to this will somewhat depend on the doors in your house as well as if you want to make them permanent.  In my house I tried to find one that would fit our doors, but since our doorways are so thick (old house) none would fit, so I ended … Read More

Best Yoga Mat

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Best Yoga Mat Go Yoga ($19.95) 71” long 24” wide 1/2” thick premium mat Double sided non-slip surfaces Moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water A FREE yoga mat strap is included. Click Here to Order Beachbody High Density Exercise Jump Mat ($69) Made of extra-shock-absorbing 1/4”-thick high-density foam Ultra-durable to ensure the … Read More

Resistance Bands – Reviewed

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Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set ($32) Bands Included: Yellow (2-4 lbs.), Blue (4-6 lbs.), Green (10-12 lbs.), Black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.). All bands are 48 inches in length This stackable set of resistance bands can produce up to 75 LBS Features a metal clipping system on bands for attachment to soft-grip handles or ankle straps Includes … Read More